America’s Health Rankings

Arundel Metrics, Inc. has written America's Health Rankings for the last 29 years. America’s Health Rankings is a state-by-state comparison of population health that combines various metrics that represent behaviors, community & environment, policy, clinical care, and health outcomes into a comparative ranking of state health. Arundel Metrics, Inc. gathers and analyzes secondary data and conducts literature reviews on health topics to write and publish these reports.

Senior Report

The America’s Health Rankings® Senior Report recently completed its sixth year, in 2019, of presenting a comparative health report for the U.S. population aged 65 and older.

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Annual Report

The Annual Report is the longest running annual assessment of the nation’s health on a state-by-state basis. For nearly three decades, America’s Health Rankings® Annual Report has analyzed a comprehensive set of behaviors, public and health policies, community and environmental conditions, and clinical care data to provide a holistic view of the health of the people in the nation.

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Health of Women and Children Report

The America’s Health Rankings® Health of Women and Children Report is the newest state rankings report. With a focus on women of reproductive age, infants and children under age 18, this report emphasizes the population groups where change can make generational differences.

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Veterans Report

America’s Health Rankings ® also prepares a national report on active duty and veteran U.S. service members in partnership with the Military Officers Association of America. The Health of Those Who Have Served explores the differences in health and health-related measures between those now serving or who have served in the military and the civilian population. The Health of Women Who Have Served establishes a baseline portrait of the health of women who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces compared with the health of women civilians.

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Tennessee Department of Health
Ballad Health is the result of a merger of two health systems, Mountain States Health Alliance and Wellmont Health System. The merger was contingent upon the acceptance of a Certificate of Public Advantage (COPA), the Tennessee Department of Health document that governs the merger of Ballad Health. As part of the COPA, Arundel Metrics, Inc. assisted the Tennessee Department of Health in designing an index used to objectively track the progress of the COPA over time to ensure public advantage.

Arundel Metrics, Inc. assists with the development of three reports used to monitor the COPA: the Population Health Report which includes a wide range of measures from obesity and smoking prevalences to 3rd grade reading level; the Access to Health Services Report, which measures characteristics of the health delivery system, use of health services and customer satisfaction; and the Other (Quality) Report, which evaluates the quality of hospital and hospital-related care provided to patients.

These indices are a critical component of the Terms of Certification of the COPA used to monitor the advantage the merger provides to the east Tennessee population affected. The state of Tennessee continuously monitors the merger through the Population Health Report, Access to Health Services Report, and the Other (Quality) Report.

Advisory Roles

Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health
The Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health’s Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) monitors the Cooperative Agreement — the state’s legal authority to monitor hospital mergers resulting in a monopoly. As advisors on the TAP, Tom and Sarah at Arundel Metrics, Inc. recommended initial metrics for the active supervision of the 49 conditions of the Cooperative Agreement and continue to reassess measures on an annual basis. The Cooperative Agreement impacts western Virginia residents within the merged healthcare system and helps to ensure that the merger improves the overall health of the population in addition to providing health care.

County Health Rankings
County Health Rankings (CHR) is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded project conducted by University of Wisconsin Madison Public Health Institute. It uses a model related to America’s Health Rankings’ (AHR) model to rank each county within each state. Tom at Arundel Metrics, Inc., serves as a member of the technical advisory committee for County Health Rankings. This permits both AHR and CHR to closer align the ranking products to improve usefulness to the public health community.

Health Opportunity and Equity (HOPE) Initiative is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded project led by National Collaborative for Health Equity and Texas Health Institute in partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University’s Center on Society and Health. The goals of the project are to reframe the health disparities discussion to one of opportunity and equity and to make tools available to measure the gaps between current status and the goal. Tom at Arundel Metrics, Inc., served as a member of the National Advisory Committee to provide experience and guidance in the development of the measures and tools.

Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index
The Legatum Institute is an international charity and think-tank focused on lifting people from poverty to prosperity. They publish an annual report, the Legatum Prosperity Index, that measures the prosperity of 149 countries across nine pillars of prosperity, one of which is health. Sarah at Arundel Metrics, Inc., is a member of the expert health panel, charged with reviewing and strengthening the structure of the health pillar and advising the Legatum Institute on U.S. data sources.

Worldwide Fistula Fund
The mission of the Worldwide Fistula Foundation (WFF) is to protect and restore the health and dignity of the world’s most vulnerable women by preventing and treating devastating childbirth injuries. Tom at Arundel Metrics, Inc., provides pro bono assistance in strategic planning, executive coaching and other roles to assist WFF to develop the organization to better serve its mission.

MaineHealth, a large health provider in Maine and New Hampshire, annually published the MaineHealth Health Index Report. The report used the America’s Health Rankings (AHR) Annual Report as a framework that was adopted to better suit the needs of the population served. Arundel Metrics, Inc. has provided guidance in the development of the report and has provided custom analysis as required to assist in its publication. The MaineHealth Health Index Report is an example of a spin-off of AHR that demonstrates how the structure and content of AHR can be modified to better fit local requirements.


APHA - American Public Health Association

MPHA - Minnesota Public Health Association

CSTE - Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists